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The European Union (EU), founded with the signing of the Maastricht Treaty in , represents a large project of economic and political integration between an ever-growing group of European countries. Top 10 Essay Topics On European Union Studies For College. When you have to write a college essay on European Union studies, the topic that you choose is really important. You can’t just choose any topic. You want to make sure that you choose a topic that is unique and exciting. Topics of the European Union EU Login Click on a topic title below for a summary of what the EU does in that area, and for useful links to relevant bodies, laws and documents.

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The European Union EUfounded with the signing of the Maastricht Treaty inrepresents a large project of economic and political integration between an ever-growing group european union essay topics European countries. Free internal trade and common customs duties, which member countries enjoyed since the beginning of the union, european union essay topics, led to significant trade development among the different members.

The EU, byincluded 25 member states. Bulgaria and Romania became members in January Croatia and Turkey were negotiating their membership, which was prevented by concerns over human rights violations in both countries, european union essay topics. Of the 25 members, 12 adopted a single currency—the euro—for financial transaction in The euro entered circulation in January As the union expanded, however, it increasingly found resistance and obstacles on its way.

A powerful movement of Euro-skeptics emerged throughout the EU in the late s, pointing to a supposed lack of democracy in the EU institutions and to the danger of losing national sovereignty to a centralized body. Some politicians in those countries with more developed economies looked european union essay topics the enlargement of the union with suspicion, fearing a wave of uncontrollable migration.

These concerns led to several serious defeats: Referenda in Denmark and Sweden showed that the majority of citizens were against adopting the euro; French and Dutch voters rejected the European Constitution in After two world wars had divided European countries and massacred their people, statesmen such as German chancellor Konrad Adenauer, Italian prime minister Alcide De Gasperi, and French foreign minister Robert Schuman agreed on the necessity of building a lasting peace between previous enemies.

Customs duties among member states were entirely removed fromeuropean union essay topics, and common policies for trade and agriculture were also devised. The fall of the Berlin Wall in and the disintegration of the Soviet Union in progressively shifted eastern European countries toward the European union essay topics. The origins of the European Parliament, which convenes in Strasbourg, date back to the s.

It has been elected since directly by the European people. Elections are held every five years. The EU status, therefore, varies accordingly to the matters discussed. The union has the character of a federation for monetary affairs; agricultural, trade, european union essay topics, and environmental policy; and economic and social policy, while each member state retains wider independence for home and foreign affairs.

Policy making in the EU results in an interplay of supranationalism and intergovernmentalism. Supranational concerns are strongest in the european union essay topics pillar, while the Council of Europe and thus intergovernmental opinions count the most in the second and third pillars. The Council of the EU, together with the European Parliament, form the legislative branch of the union, while the European Commission represents its executive powers. The council is formed by ministers of all the member states.

The presidency of the council rotates between the members, and the council is made up of nine subcommissions, which meet in Brussels. The European Commission, whose president is chosen by the Council of Europe and is then confirmed by the European Parliament, has 25 members, one for each member state. Yet, unlike the Council, the commission is completely independent from member states.

Commissioners, european union essay topics, are not supposed to take suggestions from the government of the country that appointed them. Their only goal should be to propose legislation to favor the development european union essay topics the whole union. The major setback for the EU was the rejection of the constitution by two of its founding members, France and the Netherlands.

Signed inthe constitution—whose elaboration was particularly difficult and thorny—aimed to make human rights uniform throughout the union as well as to make decision-making more effective in an organization that now includes as many as 25 members, each with priorities and agendas of their own.

The main challenge that the EU will have to face in years european union essay topics come is, paradoxically, a direct result of its success and its capacity to attract new nations. With more member countries, the EU is threatened by increasing regional interests that endanger the deployment of shared policies. This example European Union Essay is published for educational and informational purposes only.

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european union essay topics


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